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Information on the range of services and the practice of Dr. stom. Ivana Radaković can be found at www.dr-radakovic.de.


Following her “Abitur” or general higher education entrance qualification at the Viktoria-Gymnasium Essen (Germany), Dr. stom. Ivana Radaković studied dentistry at the University of Belgrade (Serbia) and was awarded the academic title Doctor of Stomatology (Dr. stom). Thereafter, she took up a one-year post as a dental assistant within the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Belgrade before gaining further experience at the “TIM Stomatologija” dental practice in Belgrade – with a particular focus on aesthetics and dental prosthetics.

Alongside her post as a dental assistant, Dr. stom. Ivana Radaković completed a two-year postgraduate degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Belgrade. This laid the foundations for her interest in surgical procedures. Finally in 2006 she secured a five-year training place to become a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery at the renowned Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. Yet it drew her back to Germany as early as 2008.

Due to her in-depth training, her dentistry degree, which she completed in Serbia, was recognised directly by the district government of Dusseldorf and she obtained her licence to practise as a dentist in Germany (“Approbation”). Following this she completed a two-year period of further training as a dental preparation assistant (obligatory in Germany), working in dental practices in Mülheim (Dr. Dr. Branislav Fatori) and Bottrop (Zahnarztpraxis Marta Adasko Großkopf). She subsequently took up a four-year post as a dentist in Bottrop (Zahnarztpraxis Marta Adasko Großkopf).

Just like her parents and her sister (Dr. med. dent. & MMed Sandra Fatori), she too harboured a desire for independence and realised her wish in 2014 with the opening of her own dental practice in Oberhausen.

She specialises in complex aesthetic dental prosthetics, functional therapy and the treatment of children.

In 2015 came the merger with the dental practice of her sister, Dr. med. dent. & MMed Sandra Fatori, in Zurich (Switzerland), marking the foundation of the international practice network dentalsisters, of which she is CFO.

In order to consistently provide her patients with state-of-the-art dentistry backed by the latest scientific findings, Dr. stom. Ivana Radaković attends numerous professional dentistry conferences.

Dr. stom. Ivana Radaković is married and lives with her husband in Dusseldorf.

She speaks German, English, Serbian, French and Spanish.

dentalsisters Germany
c/o Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Radaković
Weseler Str. 21
D-46149 Oberhausen

Tel.: +49 (0) 208 64 01 64